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Second Round of ECSF Covid Funding now available

The Kimberley & District Community Foundation announced today it will be provided an additional $30,000 to support local charities responding to COVID-19 as part of an ongoing partnership with Community Foundations of Canada, United Way Centraide Canada and the Canadian Red Cross, funded through the Government of Canada’s $350M Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF). This vast national effort is a second round of funding that aims to support vulnerable populations disproportionately affected by COVID-19. The KDCF is among community foundations across Canada that are taking part.

KDCF President, Josie Cale urged all local charities that have seen increased costs or demand for their services to put in an application for funding. “As with the first round of funding, applications will be made via a national online portal, but the decisions about who receives funding will be made locally by the KDCF. We encourage all local charities, including those that received funding in the first round of the ECSF, to consider an application.”

The funding portal, which can be found at will open on October 5th and close on October 30th. Funds will need to be spent by March 31st, 2021

Grants can be used for a variety of purposes, including to cover staffing or resource needs, purchase assistance and more. For more information about the ECSF Round 2, please contact the KDCF at .

The annual KDCF Community Grants, which this year total approximately $23,000, will also be disbursed this fall. Stay tuned for a call for applications once the ECSF process closes.

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